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Not sure I agree with the author

I just got a Lumia 930, and my colleague got the One M8 (Android). On the looks front even he conceded that the 930 has it hands down. The M8 seems well built, but it's not particularly "pretty".

The "app gap" is pretty much there. SkyGo and Virgin maybe MIA, but the overwhelming majority of users will be content with what's on the market. Even Barclays have a fully featured online banking client (at last!), eBay, Dominos, uTorrent, Plex, Vine, even El Reg has an app on the WP store. (Although it sucks). There really isn't much left at all now - I understand that the SkyGo app is in development and should be out in the coming months too.

Same with feature set.... Direct WiFi sync (lack of) is annoying, but if you use SkyDrive then that solves that. Better VPN support, text reader (e.g. SMS, web page reading out loud) and better attachment features for emails are the only things I can think of that I'd like to see. 8.1 latest update really has feature matched the current marketplace and added a few USP's too.

Like to see another OS in the mix maybe, the more that are pushing for market share the better. Just need MS to speed up development of WP and I see no reason why it shouldn't fly going forwards.

Not sure what the lie of the land is these days... will the HTC M8 get Nokia's HERE app suite? If not then sticking Nokia is a no brainer, if it goes then seems like a pretty good handset. Not sure about that flap though...

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