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A more widespread ban would be nice..

I'm not sure if I'm a grumpy old man yet (not yet 30..) but it annoys the shit out of me when I see live footage of shows now. You see the performer and rows of white rectangles in some sort of auto stabilisation mode (via human arm) trying to film it. It's not a show any more but a mass recording session. If all you want is a film of the performance why not stay at home and order the DVD when it comes out?

I think people spend so much effort trying to capture their wicked cool life in film and photo to impress their facebook pals that they've not had time to notice that all they ever do now is record other people doing cool(tm) stuff. I'm pretty sure my wife spends more time taking photos of our kids and browsing through them to find facebookable ones than she spends actually interacting with them.

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