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You can pick the WiFi-only version up from Currys for £319. However, consider the Samsung Galaxy S Pro. This has a full set of RGB pixels (rather than pentile) and is not that much different to the 'S'. Indeed, I was rather annoyed when the 'S' came out so soon and was prepared to get one - but my 'Pro' is still a superb unit. Slightly bigger and heavier - but not by much - with a (still) great display. Yes, the blacks are slightly blacker on the Amoled 'S' - but the 'Pro' is no slouch and is a lot cheaper. Incidentally, I did check the screen quite closely on the 'S' as they have demo units at Currys. I'm sure you can see the pentile matrix - but you have to get *close*. In reality, the reviewer is correct. It really makes no difference. Incidentally, some 'Pro' users complain the screen is not as sensitive as the 'S' - they may be slightly correct but I have had no real issues with this.

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