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Gaze into the crystal ball...

I will use my finely tuned psychic skills, honed through service on the level 2 helldesk, to predict the future (For the love of $DIETY somebody please prove me wrong...):

1. There will end up being no fewer than 3 incompatible standards for car to car comms. Microsoft, Google, and the EU will all try to add their own "must have" extensions to the specs.

2. The documentation will be safely ensconced behind a multi-hundred (thousand?) $$$ paywall.

3. There will be at least 2 buffer overflows discovered in the first 18 months after release.

4. FVEY will "request" an API hook to slurp all that telemetry goodness.

5. The actual protocol will look like the spawn of Codethulu:

- Binary with tightest possible bit-packing.

- Irregular field widths

- Discriminator bits that distinguish between two variants of a bit span—located after the span

- etc....

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