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Lenovo laptops

I've bought three ThinkPads in the past month, and now eyeing a 4th. Some for the kids, a couple for me. All came with Win 7 Pro, acceptably snappy i5 processors, discrete Nvidia graphics, loaded with features. eBay, used, great cosmetic condition. $250 price class each.

One has to be willing to accept some risk, work an hour to scrub them clean, possibly repair any minor issues, update the software (a GB of updates) and hunt down drivers. Likely buy a replacement battery pack or two. Might get SSDs for some of them.

Required being brave enough to click Buy, having faith in people's honesty, some luck, and some trivial IT skill.

Overall, happiness with these purchases is about 15+ out of 10. Seriously.

I've also been stocking up on Win 7 desktops too, four or five of those this summer. Same sort of deals. Mostly good results, with a few glitches along the way.

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