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I never implied I had "sympathy [for] their political dribblings".

My point is that branding them 'skiddies' is risky because it gives them a label and put them in a box that we then assume we understand. They are 'skiddies' so we only have to worry about them doing the kind of things that 'skiddies' do and don't have to protect ourselves from more advanced attacks.

We put things in boxes because it's a convenient shorthand for us but it leaves us vulnerable when someone does something 'outside the box' that we have put them into.

Many in 'The West', collectively, put Russia and Putin in a box of (as Obama put it) "a regional power", and not a serious geo-political threat. Even though some still maintain that label, it is become clear to most that putting Russia and Putin in that box seriously underestimated their long-term goals and the resolve they would pursue them with.

I am not saying anyone is underestimating RedHack, just that labelling a potental threat and putting it in a neat box is, while often practical in the short term, rarely great for security.

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