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The problem isn't necessarily MS and/or Oracle although ultimately they do own the problem. In my own case, I know exactly who to blame but can't do a damned thing about it because I don't have the authority. Somewhere in another building are a bunch of stick up their arse programmers who won't adopt correct processes for their web based software. They insist on detecting an EXACT version of Java for their product. Not, Java must be at least, the EXACT version. Even though Java has be rewritten so you no longer NEED an EXACT version. We have found that if you run the latest version of Java and adjust the security settings to medium instead of high their software runs just fine on Windows 7 sp1 in IE 10 with compatibility views enabled. But if you have a problem and you call them about it, gawd help you if you can't uninstall java and downgrade to their EXACT version.

Yeah, we'd all like to uninstall it. Except it is a key part of this government agency's accounting system.

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