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BT/Openreach are incompetent

I ordered an upgrade on BT line, to BT Infinity. My flat has a broken buzzer, and a big sign on the door that states this, and my phone number (to call, to be let in). To be safe, when booking the upgrade, I also added a note stating that the buzzer was broken and that a call needed to be made (indicating my number). No call was made on the day, and the engineer never showed up.

I call BT support on the evening of the failed visit (a Monday), and they assured me that they were on my side and would advance an engineering visit to Thursday or Friday, and call on Tuesday to confirm. No one called on Tuesday, so on Wednesday I called BT again. This time, they stated that the engineering appointment couldn't be brought forward because "The engineer couldn't get access to the property" (no missed calls on my end!). I explained that I had given notice of how to access the property at the time of booking, and on the door to the property itself. The support chap said that he would arrange for an engineer to come on Thursday, Friday, or Monday. I had a chat with BT today, and it turns out the engineer is not coming any of those days, and will come at the end of the month "because they couldn't get access to the property".

In short, Openreach lied that they couldn't get access to the property, because they didn't follow instructions, and BT has repeatedly lied to me that they would resolve the issue. Avoid these companies!!

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