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Now there's an idea. Have web pages that are once again using text to pass information on, instead of a bad 8 minute video on a subject that could be described in two or three paragraphs - if one could be arsed to actually write. Much easier to flip on the microphone and mumble, ummm and ahh for six minutes until speaking the one or two sentences that are actually useful.

Go back to the days when company web sites were not a mess of Flash pages unaccessible via URL, when restaurant menus were not a flippin' 10MB PDF file containing 2KB of text and a truckload of uncompressed photos.

Actually, I think I would like to go back to that time.

The way things are going now, in a decade or two all company websites will just be an interactive HD video. To check a product listing, you'll have to download a gigabyte of corporate presentation nonsense and wait ten minutes to get to the part where you can see what the company sells.

God I hope I'll be retired by then.

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