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Redmond stall means IE Java axe won't swing till September


Are you familiar with an ActiveX control called XmlHttpRequest?

It was based on an interface called IXMLHTTPRequest that shipped in the MSXML library with IE5. Because it permitted the creation of dynamic calls to the server via Javascript (using what we now think of as the XHR API) it became extremely popular and the Gecko team created nsIXMLHttpRequest using the same API because of its utility. I believe it went live in 2000 in Mozilla.

By 2004, even Safari supported it. Why?

Because without it, there is no AJAX. All web pages are essentially static.

A lot of ActiveX components were a horrible mistake, granted. People make mistakes, companies make mistakes. As bad as Java applets? Yeah, probably. Not as bad as Active Desktop but definitely up there with applets. But it's important to remember that we got benefits from it too.

Unless you want to go back to to cgi-bin and Geocities pages.

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