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"....some people see "hacker" and have a prolapse...." RedHack are a bunch of Marxist-Lenninist skiddies who probably got on the FBI's radar at the request of the Turkish government. IIRC, they are currently listed as a terrorist entity by Turkey, which means they will be on Interpol's and the FBI's lists of potential terror threats. It does beg the question of how Sabu had links to such an extreme group as RedHack, though they appear to have been another of the core 'we-have-no-leader' leaders for the local Anonyputzs. I suspect this was a joint exercise between the FBI and Istanbul police to get evidence on Hammond and RedHack and their attack and communication techniques. The dolts at RedHack have recently painted an even bigger target on their backs by leaking the contact info and names of some US Embassy staff in Turkey, a move they dedicated to terrorist Sinan Cemgil, a Communist terrorist that was killed during the bungled rescue of three NATO technicians kidnapped by Cemgil's Marxist terror gang in Turkey.

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