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Hell, I can even outright copy my songs into the PS3 and play them on Gran Turismo background, which very few, if any other consoles, can do.

Hell at the risk of being accessed of being in league with the MDF (MicroSoft Defense Force), I'd just like to point out that MicroSoft were doing this a long time ago with the XBOX. Now granted it was, and is more uptight and inconvenient about it then S0NY had made it with the PS3. (e.g. Coping *.mp3 Files). On the XBOX, as well as on the Failbox360... You had to first import such stuff as you wanted off an Audio CD. But a few Games that I can recall did allow you to play your own Music In-Game.

Sadly I never had a working 360 long enough to find a game that would allow it. It seems (using some Google-Fu), that the FailBox One... Would rather you pay them an additional $10.00(USD) a Month to stream such content to your Console...

To be fair though... AFAIK not even the PS4 currently supports *.mp3's Kinda begs the question whats so next-gen about a Console that only does about a Third of what the Last Gen., did. But, this is me hardly picking on S0NY. 'Cause MicroSoft are just as guilty in this respect.

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