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XBOX One will learn to play media from USB and DLNA sources

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PS3. People said that it was expensive. People said it was hard to code games for it. So I bought mine for the blu-ray player, because I read everywhere that best blu-ray player was... the PS3.

I didn't even know it played my mp3s and movies until I tinkered around with Windows Media Player in my W7 PC and the PS3 came to life showing all my stuff. That was the most happy WTF moment I had for several years. Hell, I can even outright copy my songs into the PS3 and play them on Gran Turismo background, which very few, if any other consoles, can do.

Except for the Halo franchise, I see no point in owning a X thing, and even worse, it should recognize their OWN WINDOWS SERVERS, playing THEIR OWN codecs from the get go. Isn't that exactly what the article is saying, that they needed a whole new generation of consoles to play stuff they should be playing for EONS?

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