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"My PS3 already does this. I still can't see the point of the XBONE"

As the Xbox One has a seperate BluRay player application that can be uninstalled, presumably it's not permanently Cinavia infected like the PoS3 and PoS4....

Funny my PS3 also lacks Cinavia... (Now that its running CFW). But even then, it would allow you to watch the first 20 or so Minutes of said Film before kicking off. Not that I had ever tested this myself. Like I said 99% of all the *.mkv stuff I had always came up as corrupted on the PS3.

But, now I can enjoy things such as PS2 & PSP Soft Emu (Using S0NYs own Emus!), as well as being able to watch most of my stuff now. Sans the stuff that was encoded in Hi10p that is.

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