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Trouble is...

Trouble is, you have to operate that "point and click" interface from somewhere. So you need reliable and secure networks, desktops/notebooks, firewalls etc. or else you'll find that whatever you do on your cloud servers is being monitored by all sorts of competitors, identity thieves, etc. And all your data's been corrupted, stolen, and/or encrypted for ransom.

If maintaining terminals is all you ask your platform support folks to do, they'll either become very bored, incompetent, or both. So there are other returns to scale from bringing IT in house, not just equipment savings. And if you think all your sysadmin problems have gone away because you rented server space somewhere, you're wrong.

I suppose you could rent office space in a corner of your cloud provider's data center and not encounter any of those internet risks, but it might not be very convenient. Or cheap.

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