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" though the Royals who run the country have a mandate from their population...." That's the ironic bit - the ruling family are effectively Saudi Bedouin Arabs, whereas the majority of 'Palestinians' are actually South Syrian Arabs, and the Hashemites used to raid and steal goats from the very people they were put in charge of! Even then there is the same clan issues that divide even those two main groups, with family loyalty coming before clan loyalty and then a long way before national identity. But the real start of the problem was how Jordan, just like all the Arab countries, did nothing to integrate the 'Palestinian' refugees from the 1948 and subsequent wars. Even then the Jordanians were all very happy to have a strong Jordanian leader until the PLO started rocking the boat. The Hashemites have also been trying to root out Saudi-funded Islamists like Islamic Jihad and HAMAS for years because they have learnt that they cannot trust them.

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