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I've found it really depends on the router, and surrounding use of the channels.

When I was recently in Romania, the connection available was a 100Mbit FTTB connection.. That is 100Mbit in both directions (for a ridiculously low price, 1Gbit available for not much more). The wifi on the Linksys router (dual band 2.4/5Ghz, max 300Mbit/s) seemed to hold speeds back to around 35Mbit/s in both directions. I spent some time working with the settings to try and improve the speeds. I had no luck. When I connected by wired, while I never actually got 100Mbit.. It did go up to around 55 down, 45 up. So, for sure wifi was limiting matters.

Here in the UK I have FTTC 80/20. I'm using a Fritzbox 3390 (also dual band), which many reviews said had bad wifi.. This wifi manages the speeds fine ( taken just now).

So, as usual YMMV.

Yes, probably most people don't know the limitations of Wifi though.

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