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Intriguingly a lot of properties that could have a cable service have preferred to stick with copper. One may well wonder why.


Around here every house is connected to an ancient VM cable. During the evenings the average download speed is 2-4Mbits.

Why on earth should I give up my 80/10Mbits FTTC connection for some infrastructure that is clearly well past its sell by date.

The FTTC Cabinet is 100ft from my front door and so far only 4 other residents have signed up for it (info from BT Opernreach engineer who fixed a problem in the copper bit of my link a month or so bacl).

This means that each of us has our own fibre connection back to the exchange. Thankfully most of my neighbors are hooked on VM or failing that Sky so I won't have to worry about much contention for the forseeable future.

My friends in the use are on the whole stuck with Comcast. No choice at all. We can count ourselves very lucky on this side of the pond (even allowing for the odd VM, Sky, TT and BT cocckups).

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