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Re: "I love Apple because they take the most money from me"

There's a big difference between "brand X" and "brand Y" that are identical and even made by the same company, and "brand X" and "brand Y" where there are differences. You may not care about the differences in olive oil between different brands, made in different regions, etc. but others will value those differences and be willing to pay 2.5x more accordingly.

To take another example, what about the differences in wine? You can buy a lot of different reds, ranging from a few bucks a bottle to thousands. Are the differences there bullshit? Maybe you think people who pay more than $15 for a bottle of wine are idiots just like you think people buying Apple are idiots, but 1) it is their money, and 2) you may value differences in things that others will think you are an idiot for valuing.

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