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Snowden latest: NSA targets Gaza, pumps intelligence to Israel


I object to my taxes being used for purposes beyond governing my own country, or defending us proportionately from genuine external threats. Our government should not be backing sides in foreign conflicts unless one side poses a real threat to us. Hamas are a threat only to Isreal because Israel has relentlessly colonised Palestinian land, and ethnically cleansed Palestinians from it. Given the hundreds of Palestinian civilians killed in this most recent conflict who were deliberately targetted by the Israeli military, the Israelis are more befitting of the accusation of terrorism than Palestinians. If the Palestinians were real terrorists they wouldn't waste their efforts lobbing ineffective rockets at Israel's Iron dome.

In light of the continuing atrocities perpetrated by Israel, why do so many of our political representatives consistently vote to support Israel and belong to Israeli affiliated groups? Isn't it time to expose them as supporters of terrorism?

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