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Windows Mobile on small screens was far from ideal but many of my handsets were usable without a stylus. I day that Apple proclaimed to have released a massive screened phone, I had a 5" HTC. I only ever used the stylus to calibrate the screen or for resets. TBH I actually miss the pixel perfect accuracy of resistive screens. Trying to sketch on phones these days is like playing a piano with boxing gloves.

II don't recall any WM phones with 256x160 respolutions, my first one (HTC BlueAngel- 2004) had 320 x 240, the first iphone was only 320×480, the phone I had at the time was 640 x 480

Regarding MS mocking the iphone- IIRC Balmer suggested that it was to expensive- shortly after, Apple dropped the price 2 or three times. That said, they clearly under estimated the forthcoming public desire for touch screen smartphones.

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