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OK, I was overly broad in my assertion... obviously, neither Windows nor OS X is a development requirement. I still believe Samsung dreams of vendor lockin similar to GAPPS and their Play Store, Apple, Microsoft, and the new kid on the block... Amazon.

I would like a mobile device that can (eventually) handle a simultaneous mix of HTML5, Android (i.e. Sky Safari), and Linux applications (incl. XEPHEM w/Motif - yes, I know it's proprietary and ancient ), in a verifiably secure environment with fine grained permissions. Many applications will be stand alone with no internet access whatsoever. Others will control devices like Amateur Radio and Astronomy gear including imaging/guiding, and data exchange. Tizen, may be a useful base system to build around with capabilities that Google's Android may never enable... much less embrace, and vendors like Apple and Microsoft are unlikely to allow.

Cellular providers are problem unto themselves! Yes, obviously internet browsing and email are useful - though I'm no fan of Facebook; and video teleconferencing would be be a boon... but I frequent some areas where cellular, ground wireless, cable, and land lines are unavailable - and I'm in no rush to pay for a satellite connection. That doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy stored entertainment or via a local network alone or among friends.

It may well be a pipe dream. Here in the states Blackberry's QNX (it is a nice micro-kernel) is probably a better short term work-around than Tizen to get past the cellular providers even with Samsung doing the pushing. I rather expect AT&T, and most especially Verizon (providing the best coverage in my area), to fight tooth claw and nail, delaying by any means possible relinquishing any control of their network or minor profit reduction another OS might pose. They're more likely to encourage Ubuntu mobile (with it's own share of proprietary code) long before allowing Tizen on their networks! The Sailfish and Firefox OSs' appear better choices to compete in the emerging markets where their Firefox can compete with feature phones; and Sailfish function as an upgrade with some Android compatibility courtesy of the built-in Alien Dalvik layer from Myriad Group.

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