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Ironic you call him an idiot

"It's idiots like you that should be banned, those that get annoyed by things that are not actually affecting them, had she hit you, then get annoyed seeing as she didn't and probably wouldn't have, you have no reason to be angry at all."

This has to be the biggest load of sh*t I have read in a long time and it makes me angry that you feel this sh*t spewing out of you is justifiable. If someone points a gun at you and misses its ok because it didn't hit you and you should only get annoyed when you get shot?

I do agree that taking off their wing mirror isn't a solution but he has every right to be annoyed about this. Even if they didn't knock him down I'm sure if they knocked down a friend/family member of yours you would be singing a different song.

I got "knocked down" by a lady putting on her make up in the mirror and by "knocked down" I mean 3 broken ribs, 2 fractured, shattered pelvis, ruptured spleen, broken left arm and left leg and spent a year in hospital being completely bed ridden for three of those months. For what? So some lady could prep herself up for work and save herself ten minutes? Did I mention I was on the footpath? Car pulled out infront of the lady and she panicked, tried to hit the breaks and hit the accelerator instead, jamming me between 2 tons of steel and a concrete wall. Maybe if someone had taken off her wing mirror I wouldn't have my bones pinned together by steel rods and pins and be able to walk properly.

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