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The key is in what word ? Pedestrian ?

If you think the key word is "traffic" then I can only presume that you have never heard the phrase "pedestrian traffic", to refer to... pedestrians.

The lights facing the pedestrians on a PELICAN crossing control the pedestrians just as much as the lights facing the vehicular traffic control those (apart from cyclists, who apparently consider themselves neither pedestrian nor vehicular, or to alternate as suits).

Similarly the lights at a level crossing... or, what... ? You think that trains will give way to pedestrian traffic because the stop lights don't apply to them ?

I think perhaps you should check your Highway Code.

You appear to have confused the need for vehicular traffic when turning to give way to pedestrians WHO HAVE ALREADY STARTED TO CROSS THE ROAD they are turning into. There is otherwise no overriding priority for pedestrians on the road. They are road users like any other and are expected and required to abide to rules that apply to them.

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