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there should be no reason why the same training in use of mobiles whilst driving should not be made available to the general public.

Having ridden hundreds of thousands of miles on motorcycles, over decades, I long ago concluded that everybody should have to do advanced driving courses to get a license. But one of the biggest priorities of our civilization is to get as many people and as many cars on the road - out of the showrooms and onto the road - and into the petrol stations buying as many petrochemicals as they can afford. Quite apart from the motoring industry being one of if not the major influences on Government from a lobbying pov, there is also a lot of lost tax revenue from decreasing alcohol and tobacco sales to make up! But the experience I've gained by virtue of being so much more exposed to danger than car drivers, which is like advanced driving training (plus the experience of time and repetition) is what every motorist should aspire to. Trouble is our world is steered by bean counters.

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