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... here (in an un-named european country) relative to a motorist, the cyclist and pedestrian are the same. They are both "weak" (as opposed to strong) and as such the "strong" actors (cars and trucks) have an absolute responsibility not to run over them. This is a sub-optimal way of looking at things, as it promotes an "I am always in the right" attitude from the cyclists and pedestrians.

The most egregious act I see regularly, and which was responsible for 2 accidents in which I was present, involved cyclists riding the wrong way around roundabouts causing all sorts of havoc as the motorists are all looking the other way. It is pretty horrible watch a car flatten a cyclist and have to make evasive maneuvers, afterwards to call ambulance, cops etc. and then explain to the plod that it was the cyclist's fault.

The number of cyclists with a very apparent death wish is astonishing.

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