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In 2006 ...

I bought a new phone, and they threw in a "free" bluetooth headset.


Since then, it never ceases to get my gander up to see people in £40,000 cars, on £600 phones, yakking away with no bluetooth.

I'm not a big fan of Draco, but I would happily see offenders cars seized and auctioned. If you can't obey the law, you shouldn't be allowed a car.

Only this Saturday, MrsP and I were shopping, and noticed a car (ironically it was BMW Mini - see above ;) ) which seemed to have a lot of problems parking ... in, out, in out. As we walked past we saw the reasonl The dozey woman driving it was yakking on her phone, so had to take her other hand off the wheel to change from first to reverse. Then she clamped the phone between shoulder so she could use 2 hands to steer, but then she couldn't turn her head properly, so couldn't see when she was lined up into the space.

On most non-trivial (longer than 20 minutes) journey, it's rare not to see at least one person yakking away.

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