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"But I do get somewhat annoyed when I see trumped up traffic officers on TV lambasting the odd driver who just picks up his phone to see the status of the screen. There's no danger in that, in my opinion, any more than there is picking up a sandwich and taking a bite (which I gather is now also a punishable offence in the UK)."

I get the irritation, but those traffic officers attend accident scenes so they have a very different perspective on it because they see the grizzly aftermath of a driver not paying attention or making an error of judgement while they were distracted. At the end of the day a driver *can* cause a massive amount of damage to themselves and innocent bystanders, even at a low speed, therefore a driver *should* be giving driving the maximum amount of attention that they can at all times.

In my view by trying to do driving + something else the driver has decided that saving a few seconds time is more important that driving as safely as they can.

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