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About a week ago, I posited that the problem has 3 potential bottle neck spots, the transit provider's outbound ports, the interconnect to Verizon VerLIESon, or with VerLIESon's inbound ports.

Well, it seems that the culprit, at least according to Level3 is VerLIESon.

Who wouldda thunk that???

Indeed you did. And refreshingly you also mentioned the various points where the problem could be.

I'm not in the slightest surprised L3 denying blame and shifting it to Verizon. All players so far have made sure their version is "It's not me, its the other guy". So far Netflix is blaming Verizon, Verizon is blaming L3 (or so it appears) and L3 is blaming Verizon. L3's complaint about the ports sounds perfectly feasible.

Whilst Verizon seem to be running out of rope here, there is something that has not (and most likely won't be) been disclosed and that is what the peering arrangements between L3 and Verizon are?

L3 are blaming Verizon for not adding more ports. Who should pay for those ports? The fact that they may exist doesn't mean they are of no cost. What if it would be up to L3 to pay for the extra ports? I'm not saying this is the case as I have no idea of what their arrangements may be, just that things may not be so clear cut.

Bottom line is any company will avoid being blamed and would try to shift the blame if it could.

Likewise as has been posted by many on this thread there certainly are conlficts of interest with regards to some services and competition.

Oh and why sell yourself short and devalue your post with the childish namecalling.

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