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Uncle Ron

Monopoly = Artificial Scarcity

Verizon springs from a long line of monopolists whose sole objective is to maximize pricing and minimize investment. Monopolies have done this throughout history. They create artificial scarcity. It is -exactly- what I would do if I ran Verizon. I would do everything under the sun, everything even roughly close to being legal, to charge more and more for my scarcer and scarcer product. All the while using little to none of the revenue to improve the product.

It is -not- possible to legislate this mentality out of them. It is -not- possible to regulate this mentality out of them. It is -not- possible to inspect this mentality out of them. The only solution is to re-structure the ISP industry in the US. Separate the "last mile" of infrastructure from EVERYTHING else. No TV channels, no ISP service, no movie studios, no websites, no streaming services--NOTHING. Let every competitor hook up with their offerings and the best ones will win. This is how it's done in some other countries and, guess what--it works. Better service, higher speeds, more offerings, lower prices, newer technology faster.

If your current Congressman and Senators don't commit to this solution, vote for the other guy/gal in the Fall. If we don't do this, America will lose more and more ground to our competitors.

Competition works, monopoly doesn't. Let's do this.

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