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Not forgetting some sage advice/comments from TacoBell sauce packets, to wit:

"Warning! You're about to make a taco very happy."

"I feel so comfortable in your hands."

"I would've chosen me too."

"You chose wisely." (egocentric tacos, I guess...)

"Do I know you from somewhere?"

"I'm single...are you?" (erm, a little late for that...)

"Dibs on the taco."

"Has catsup been talking smack about me?"

"We could all use a little squeeze now and then."

"That's my ticklish spot."

"You bring the appetite, I'll bring the heat."

"Guess it's just you and me now." (yeah, and a thousand other people....)

"I carry my weight in my midsection." (erm, maybe in a few months...?)

"Add a little verde to your life."

"It would be an honor to sauce your food."

"This is gonna end with you eating me, isn't it?" (hey, that's on a sauce packet...)

"Wait, I want to remember you like this."

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