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NASA: ALIENS and NEW EARTHS will be ours inside 20 years


As long as there is a major influence of religion in the world, we will still see the scientific community scrutinized and downplayed and fooling the less educated people into thinking that any life other than here on earth is non existent. This way of thinking HAS to stop. The world community in a whole must EMBRACE the worlds scientists. When life is discovered on another world, be it microbial or intelligent, and is proven that it DOES exist, I look forward to the sudden change of human consciousness in knowing that the universe is abundant with life. Religious factions around the world FEAR this fact and will do anything, and pay anyone to hush media and dull minds in order to push their beliefs that humans are the only life in existence. Technology is increasing, along with breakthroughs on how the technology is being used. Its ironic that the religions of the world have increased their influence on people as well. They know whats coming so they are having one last hurrah before humans become part of the Universe community and not just Earth community.

"It's time of destroy the collar and leash of hummanity."

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