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Sorry, just purchased a brand new system with Win7 Pro included.

I went for Win7, because the user was very familiar with XP. Also the user tends to upgrade s/w and h/w at the same time, so given 5 years on-site support, this machine shouldn't need updating until circa 2019 when Win7 will becoming to the end of its support life-cycle and Win 10 will have been around for a year or so. Plus we can expect the Linux and open source offerings to be much more mature. As for Win8?, well I was tempted but then I thought that I would firstly have to upgrade it to Win 8.1u1 from 8.0/8.1 and then in a few months I would then have to upgrade it to 8.2 or whatever and if 9 is a free give away for those on 8.2 then another pointless use of my time (and waste of client monies) to implement yet another upgrade. At least with Win7 I know all that will be coming down the line from MS are security fixes...

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