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Charles Manning

Microsoft's productivity challenge

By Office 2003, people had pretty much figured out what was needed in productivity tools to make them function properly.

Like screwdrivers have only had mild innovations since 1800, MS should have pretty much stopped fiddling in 2003.

Unfortunately they want to make stuff look new. Then Microsoft also forgot their place: to listen to customers and serve.

Finally, the people who actually worked on Word from the 1980s to 2003 during the battles with other word processors have long gone. Under competitive pressures they had to listen to customers and understood what it takes to build a productivity tool.

Fast forward 10 years and we have a bunch of designers who favour cute UI features ahead of prime purpose.

It is no suprise that productivity with "productivity tools" takes a hit. Features like ribbons make it harder to navigate. They make help desk support a lot harder.

Nadella needs to figure out that unless you are serving the customer and adding value to the customer, then fiddling with the frilly bits won't help your business survive.

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