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Hmmm, I can see why you think that, but then stop for a moment and think about why things like this do get developed.

If a single round can be used to pick off a strategic target with little chance of missing, then that one round is all that may be needed to bring about a cessation of conflict, rather than just destroying an entire building, block or town to eliminate a potential threat. A round like this actually has more possibility of saving lives from collateral damage than causing mass murder, which is a sobering thought.

And the other thing to consider if that think-tanks like DARPA usually produce many, many failures before they ever come out with something usable. These failures may then go on to become the basis for some rather tasty peacetime technology, with a purpose far removed from conflict or killing. The battlefield is the mother of innovation, and we have so many technologies developed for such a theatre. Superglue comes to mind, developed as a surgical adhesive to be used in an emergency in the field. There's a reason that the best things it sticks together are usually fingers...

So sure, war and conflict are ugly. But never forget that out of the crap, comes the good. Make sure you see both sides before decrying 'pointless' technological developments!

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