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toys in the school yard

Basically what Marketing Departments try to do, create the kind of buzz and excitment that exists in the school playground for their companies products.

So very wrong, because outside of that kind of innocent world-view, this is very hard to achieve without something 'truly' remarkable. Flogging each piece of flawed crap as 'the new and improved' just increases cynicism and makes it harder to sell the next iteration. (i.e. Surface).

They really should just issue an apology, 'Sorry, this was a bad idea, we'll try harder next time.'

(Hey, a new motto for Windows 8 !!)

Washing Up Powder in the early 80's always seemed to be 'New and Improved', unitl they twigged this wasn't generating any interest any more (and it took some time for that to sink in). Some firm (can't recall which) got the bright idea of sending an annoying 'TV personaility' (for example Danny Baker) round to peoples houses (perhaps hoping on the 'love him or hate him' scale at least people who didn't were just as likely to put all their clothes in the machine and go sit under the shower for an hour or two until they felt clean again).

Powder marketing is more subtle now as they actaully took the time to understand the market. Things haven't gotten that intelligent in IT Marketing yet. The bods don't really understand what they are selling, and just spout buzz.

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