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new devs doing mobile, MS has no mobile presence sooooo

because they have no mobile presence and after billions spent attempting it Gates and the new guy figured out their strength/hammer is with MS Office. Nothing unseen here but will they do as they have always done and that is implement sub-par capabilities and delayed releases and updates on non-Windows platforms? We already see that even though the market share is Android, Microsoft targets Apple first with mobile MS Office support.

Also, they manipulated and controlled developers doing Windows apps such that it was very difficult to produce cross platform software thereby eliminating the competition by starving them of apps. Without the Windows OS and API/developer control, can they really keep growing by attempting to make MS Office a platform people can not do without while making it run on all platforms/OS's? Have they ever done this before and can they really be successful at it? Or is this the new Danger only much much bigger. I see Danger written all over the Nokia deal and wonder if it won't be the first domino to fall.

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