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Get ready for LAYOFFS: Nadella's coma-inducing memo, with subtitles


What a sad tell! This fool has nothing! They could have turned things around, but it looks like they are going out of the frying pan and into the fire. You're looking at a dead brand. Let me tell you I just got back from my in-laws, and even THEY have a Mac book. They are John and Jane America and they have not one Microsoft device anymore, save for the hard drive they ripped out of their last PC before hey trashed it. And they said "some things changed" like when we went to write our Christmas letter, office isn't there any more, we had to use Pages. Then they picked up the office software box and said "we're glad we don't have to buy this again!" They also said "we're glad they could we can take classes at the Apple store, and if we have a problem, we can just just take the whole laptop to the Apple store".

Apple truly has ravished the Windows brand!

I love how this Nadella fool flaps his trap and says a whole lot of nothing. He says they are going to abandon hardware, except for all the hardware they currently make... What? Don't this jackass realize how stupid and empty his statements sound?

Gates is a big H1B liar who got what he deserves. a hollowed out fake corrupt fraud of a company; how fitting... These people and their culture of corruption are going to create the biggest most spectacular failure the world has seen. They might as well call win 9 the Titanic!

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