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Would tend to agree. The vast majority of enterprise (and government) is either already on 7 or will be in the coming year. It is unlikely that any large company is considering a wholesale refresh particularly since Windows 7 Pro won't go off support until Jan 2020 and because of their volume licensing are not in the market.

If 8.1u2 does arrive and does provide a better desktop experience and slots straight into a Win7 infrastructure then we could expect to see some enterprises also deploying Win8 tablets etc. in response to particular business needs. The worrying thing is that the author of the article states "I work for a large enterprise with thousands of users globally, and for testing purposes, installed the update on a Surface Pro tablet and on a traditional HP desktop." but provides no feedback whatsoever on how Win8 does play in a Win XP/Win7 enterprise.

The question with a release of Win9 rumoured to be pencilled in for April 2015, is whether MS will do to 8 what they did with XP and held of changes for commercial reasons so as to include them in Vista/7 as a means of encouraging sales...

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