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Photos of kids

We have, in our family, a photo taken by my grandfather at the family summer cottage in the 1930s. Taken from a swimming float in the lake, it shows all my uncles and aunts, clad in nothing but their birthday suits, standing on rocks and playing in the water (backs to the camera). It hung in my mother's dining room and we thought nothing of it, until one day in the 80s, she took it down, saying something about how it might be misunderstood.

It's still one of may favorite photos on the subject of childhood innocence. Today, perhaps it exemplifies it more than the photographer originally intended. It is very sad, what we have come to, when kids can't be kids and we adults feel the need to sexualize everything. Even worse is the general feeling that "you can't be too careful" and should report even the suggestion of child endangerment to the proper authorities. I feel fortunate indeed to have grown up with a mother who would kick us out of the house in the morning and told us to be back for dinner.

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