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Then maybe Microsoft should just focus on getting new hardware sold to replace older machines in the enterprise. Many companies use the 3-year cycle for machines. Typically they are out of warranty by the 3-year mark and many companies just use that as a time to replace hardware. New hardware = new OS money to Microsoft. While MS makes less per machine that say someone buying an upgrade, Microsoft could reduce their costs by removing the various version of Windows. Do they really need 32-bit and 64-bit versions; do they really need a standard version and a pro? In the past they have had even more different versions like home, ultimate, etc. Dump 32-bit and just sell one version that does it all; they would save a lot of money on development and support. Intel released 64-bit processor a decade ago; it is time to move on from 32-bit architectures. The hardware is old and many systems had RAM limitations and Windows is just pathetic with less than 4GB of RAM which many 32-bit system can't even address and only sees 3.2GB of it. While some of the more recent Atom processors were 32-bit but even they are getting a bit old.

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