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I'm OK with Windows 8.1

I hated Win8 when I first tried it, spent about three days cursing the thing and not getting much done, before I went back to Win7.

Seeing as I support people with computers, and the majority of people with new computers are getting Win8, I thought I had better try it again so I at least can do a decent job of supporting the people that put some money in my pocket, so I went to Win8, but this time I installed Classic Shell/Start.

Not ecstatic or anything with it, but it gets the job done. With Classic Shell/Start, I boot straight to the desktop and use it pretty much like Windows 7. I get an OS that is more up-to-date security-wise, slightly better performance (nothing to complain about there). Basically never see or use the modern/metro interface unless I absolutely have to, which is fairly infrequent. I don't use the apps or app store as I install and use proper desktop programs.

As an OS should be, it is largely something I spend next to no time thinking about, it is something that is required to run the programs I want to use. As long as it does that and stays out of my way, then I am OK with it.

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