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Win 8.1 my old nemesis....

So they have given us back the ability to click a red cross in a non-resizable app to shut it down. Obviously no one at MS has the task bar at the top of the screen set to auto-hide as I do. They have also removed the grab from top and sweep down to close the app on desktop mode. Can you see the issue I am having? Yep if I want to close an app first my auto-hide taskbar gets in the way, then the charms on the top right get in the way and finally I might be able to click the red cross.......

This is a sign of progress.......

I had just got used to win 8 - now win 8.1 has put me back to square one. Yes I could have the task bar on the bottom but I have it at the bottom for my work PC (that I remote into) so I can easily tell the difference on which machine I am on at anyone time.

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