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The W7 UI still catches me out. Alt-tab feels very confusing compared to XP in the way it shows which task is being selected. There also appears to be a gesture interpretation of a mouse movement that makes a window full screen - when all I wanted to do was move the mouse quickly to another part of the desktop.

I used to use Shift-Del to delete folders without them going to recycle - and it became an over-learned sequence of mouse-clicks. Now I have to be very sure that the correct highlight is on the folder I want to delete - and double-check the "do you want to delete" prompt very carefully. There appear to be two highlights of differing intensities on different folders at the same time - which has led to unintended consequences.

Can anyone explain how to make a folder Search ONLY look for a given text inside files with a given wildcard name? - like the XP search options do. Thanks in advance.

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