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From the Company who brought us 'user features' such as 'Trusted Computing'

-Well I'm all done. I've had enough of Microsoft.. From here on, it will be something else... But before I'm tagged an MS hater, take note I'm a MS certified developer with a couple of decades experience. But I've had enough. Remember this is the company that brought us 'Trusted Computing' as a user feature!... Moreover, lack of any real customization of the windows build to something more to my taste, and ongoing user behavior monitoring, are major deal breakers for me, see below...

-All MS ever do is break things, or rob someone else's ideas. They never actually innovate, except in a limited corporate sense perhaps... All I want now is a machine that fucking works. I want a custom build, one that re-sellers just don't offer anymore, if they ever really did....

-I want WinVNC, that plays everything, not something that doesn't, or gets in the way. Plus enough about big media DRM and spying on user activity in MS Media Players please.

-I want a browser that isn't IE, but that I don't have to install manually every time, overriding the hidden plug-in defaults which can take an age. who has time to disable all the crap in 'Run without Permission'... Has anyone ever written about why Skype and Adobe and Google hide in there?

-Don't install MS Office again, if its going to be a fucking useless trial, phoning home to Redmond and constantly nagging me to put everything into the CloudFog...

-Preferably I want an open Office suite, more than one, and installed by default......

-I want an image viewer & editor that does what it says on the tin, no more...

-What I don't want is stealthy sneaky user behavior monitoring that sleep in Scheduled Tasks, hidden IE plug-ins, silently invoked Registry Run commands, difficult to disable DLLhost calls... and tricky to stop Services etc ... I wonder how many people apart from developers really know about all of these??? Enough already MS!

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