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I tried to like it - but failed

I installed Windows 8.1 on a non-touchscreen laptop. Yes it works, and yes I can use it.

But all the time you are reminded that this is set up as a toy, not as a business tool.

Those metro apps have less functionality than real programs, and are not what I want a computer for in the first place. All those stupid boxes in the way instead of helpful menus.

The App Store is no use on a business machine: you don't want users installing software.

Despite being fast and in a powerful machine, every task takes much longer than it does on Windows 7, because the 8.1 UI is both unintuitive AND inefficient.

It might be good on a touchscreen tablet computer, but they are normally unsuitable for serious work because the input obscures the output.

The machine now only gets powered up for the odd Windows Update. When I have time I'll wipe it and install Windows 7 again.

Sorry, Microsoft, Windows 8.1 makes Windows ME look like a good idea.

Unless you get it right with 9, you will lose even more users.

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