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Computer: "What you like to do now Dave?"

Dave: "Write a letter"

Computer: "Would that be in Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 365, WordPad, LibreOffice......"

Dave: "Any. The first. I don't care"

Computer: "To which First are you inferring? President? Birthday?"

Dave "The First Office Version!"

Computer: "I do not have have Office 1 Installed"

Dave: "I want to write a letter using Office 2010"

Computer: "Office 365 is the current version. Would you prefer to use that instead"

Dave: "YES!"

Computer: "Would you like to add a heading to your letter?"

Dave: "Yes"

Computer: "Please tell me your heading"

Dave: "Gimme back my fucking mouse pointer and icons"

Computer: "I do not understand the word gimme"

Dave: [cocks handgun]

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