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"Traditional" doesn't mean what you think it means.

Quoting the article: Forcing the desktop view instead of the traditional Tile apps view will present a more traditional desktop, making the transition to Windows 8.1 Update 1 smoother.

"Traditional Tile apps view"? It's not traditional, it was introduced in Win8. That's not traditional, that's a new "feature" (so sayeth MS) that the rest of the world considered absolute crap.

A *Traditional* view would be the desktop as it had been since Win95 up through Win7. Being able to Alt+Tab through multiple applications without having to jump through hoops to figure out on which UI the damned things were located. Traditional would have been leaving the damned UI alone & just making it faster, more secure, and offering *CHOICES* instead of making *Demands*. See, giving us the Choice of a Classic (traditional) UI or their new one on first run of the machine, giving us the choice to switch between them if *WE* wanted to, giving us the choice of how to run our stuff rather than forcing us to try & find where you've hidden it, giving us the CHOICE of a Classic Menuing System from which to find the controls we need to get our work done... THAT would have been Traditional.

Instead MS rammed an absolute Cluster Fuck down our throats, removed elements of the UI we've relied upon since Win95, and decided to take away our choices. Wrong move. You take away our choice, you take away our willingness to pay you money to rape us for the "privilege" of using that SNAFUBAR of an OS you call Win8.

I'm on Win7 and at least I can get my work done. Trying to use Win8 on a desktop (read Traditional) machine without a touch screen (read "not traditional") interface is so fucking screwed up it boggles the mind. "Takes a bit of getting used to" is such a bald faced understatement it makes me wonder how much MS paid you to write that tripe. You want to find out how long it takes to "get used to"? Try using Win8.x *While Blind*. You can just cram those "hot corners", "charms", and *no longer traditional* UI elements RIGHT up your ass, because you won't have a fucking clue how to navigate what had been a relative constant since Win95.

Did I like Win95? No, I hated it at first until I got used to it. And when I switched to Win98 the UI was familiar enough to make the transition easy. Switching to XP was a bit of a step, but the UI was still familiar enough to make the transition a step rather than a jump. Going from XP to 7 was a PITA as far as Ribbons go, but otherwise we could find stuff, get stuff done, and earn our pay without needing a month of retraining just to stand a snowball's chance in hell. But the switch from Win7 to Win8? That wasn't a mere "step", that was closing your eyes & taking a running leap out the top floor window of a skyscraper & trying to learn to fly before you kissed the pavement.

No, Win8 in *NO* way has any Traditional aspects to it. The only thing even remotely the same was the Windows name. "Where do I want to go today?" I want to go back to the XP UI so I can get shit done, you dumb fucks.

(My appollogies for all the cursing, but I've been trying to use a Win8 laptop while my Win7 system is being repaired, and it's a fucking miracle I haven't taken a backpack nuke to MS HQ to show them *EXACTLY* how much fun I've been having.... *InsaneCackle*)

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