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Please reorient your map, or globe, so that Canada is near the top (or bottom) relative to the floor in your house.

In this orientation it should be much easier to see that Canada is not generally considered to have a traditional, equatorial climate. In fact, recent satellite imagery has confirmed that Canada is nearer to as far the fuck away from the equator as it can be. There is a growing consensus among climate scientists that Canada might be really god damn cold for 80% of the year. The few Canadians that have been studied are purported to live in small, dome shaped shelters made of stacked snow bricks, called 'igloos' and dress themselves in baby seal skins for protection from the cold. Little else is known about these hardy people.

Pending future expeditions across the tundra and into the mythical realm where legends of monstrous white bears and rabid white foxes frolic, all tales of large, cosmopolitan cities with excellent education and healthcare systems, good beer and stories of a tribe of lost Frenchmen are to be considered myth.

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