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Euro banks warned off Bitcoin as Canada regulates it

Neal Palmquist

When American Democrats and Republicans are singing in unison to convince voters that Bitcoin is an acceptable alternative to the United State Dollar, then what is there to stop those same voters from wanting an acceptable alternative to the political parties that screwed up the USD in the first place?

America already tried the Bitcoin. Money printed by the South during the Civil War has all the properties that the Bitcoin community holds on a pedestal above the United States Dollar. Confederate Dollars are limited issuance, no central authority control that can print more, and diminish over time as they decay or become lost. We can already predict the future for Bitcoin and see what confederate currencies are ultimately worth.

Don't be fooled by American politicians who support the Bitcoin. The true motivation is to hijack American taxpayers for the purpose of supporting Bitcoin prices. What you are seeing is movement to make taxpayers buy Bitcoins for the government to spend as it sees fit. As Bitcoin is nothing more than a container of the world reserve currency that it contains, the effect will be that United States Dollars will have flight out of the country in exchange for absolutely nothing. It will be free money for the rest of the world. It is a George Soros style attack on the dollar and America.

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